About Me

I am a begrudging member of the twenty-something individualism pursuing, sameness exhibiting generation, the ‘self worshippers’, the freedom claimers, the revolution through social media revivers and that annoying group of people who realise life without joy is no life worth living so let’s seek meaning through any way we can. I am a glasses equipped and smallish girl type who believes conversation to be the pinnacle of human connection and I enjoy whiling away my weekends either doing mundane-ish, retro #tbt to ‘granny style’ activities, or exploring, mouth open with mind unguarded and evidently harm befalling, turning would be cartwheels in the world around me. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with sunlight, which I believe is a way of being, and feel like I might explode and then I do in cartoonish random ways. I was a typical college student for a time and now I am not but I don’t care much I am weird and proud. I enjoy living through experience but not for conformity or self-fulfillment or identity affirmation but simply because I enjoy it.  I am rooted in knowing that I am completely accepted because of someone named Jesus and this has given me freedom. I am learning to live my life WITH God, this is allowing me to see things with new eyes and is challenging me particularly in the country and culture I live in. In conclusion, I like words and I like to spread change and help people question and feel freed from the difficulties and prisons of life ergo I decided I’m gonna be another annoying blogger trying to shove my thoughts down people’s throats just because I can and hopefully something I say will spark a thought in someone, somewhere in any which way.


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