I am not a square…although my glasses are

Journaling…the act of putting one’s thoughts out into the physical dimension whether it be written, drawn, photographed or otherwise  in order to reflect on one’s life. I feel one can take the term in as loose a fashion as one wants. (I do so enjoy the overuse of the term ‘one’ at times).

I have been an avid diary writer since I was 16 years old. I began when I realised that as a raging bag of hormones with very few outlets, or honestly friends, I had to release my thoughts and rantings in a more constructive and less door slamming way. I am now 22 and while it is a daily struggle, I still keep up with my writings. I don’t presume that what I have to say is any more significant than the next person. Truthfully most of what I write is shallow, stereotypical girl talk about boys and my weight blah blah blah blah. However, from time to time there have been little nuggets of wisdom in there that I wish I could recall in conversation with people. Yet, I am one of those people born without a filter or the ability to edit what I say to sound more intelligent. In laymen’s terms I come across as a bit of an eejit (idiot for the anglophiles) in conversation because I choose to interpret the world in my own weird way. And herein lies the purpose of my blog. I want to share my perspective of the world with the world.

The other reason I am here is because I am part of a minority in Ireland. I am a college student and I am also a Christian. I am not Catholic nor Protestant, which is what most Irish people will ask if you say you are a Christian. I simply believe that God is my father, He has forgiven me and I live in a relationship with Him every day. Or at least I try to. It’s not easy for me living in the culture I live in and growing up in a world where we have all sorts of stimulations and pleasures freely available to us. I felt like I needed to write this blog because I want to clear up a few misconceptions I have experienced in conversation with my friends. Firstly I am not against drinking, although I don’t drink now I actually rather enjoy alcohol and the confidence that comes with it. I also enjoy parties, dressing up, having the bants, dancing etc etc. I have engaged in the college lifestyle, I have made stupid life decisions and done many things I regret. I have put my life in danger and I have indulged myself in things that are not good for me. I am for the most part a normal college student however, I differ in that I now fill the need for something more within me with Christ and my life has changed for the better.

To clear things up I’m not here to preach and I in no way want to present the illusion that I am perfect or that I condemn my fellow students for their lifestyles. In fact what I want is for people to read this and see that at our centre we are all very similar and so we should treat each other as such.  I just want to share what’s in my heart. After all we are the information generation, the ones who live for experience and have ourselves at the centre of the world. The ones who believe our every thought is worth documenting and for whom reaching the other side of the world is not only a possibility but a given. Now I know some people might look at a page like this and think “oh look at them Christians trying to be cool, trying to be one of us, to come to our level…they are all pretenders…stuck up etc etc etc”. That is not my intent at all, and well I just don’t care how others judge me and what I have to say. We have no right to judge anyone really. I can happily say I know who I am and I am very happy with how I see life so basically….haters gonna hate. Welcome to my world.


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